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2018 Go Skateboarding Day



2018 Baithaj Harvest Ushers in O'otham New Year


2018 Native American Recognition Day Event



Recap of the 2018 Miss Gila River Pageant 



Published May 22,2018

In this GRTV News Feature: Two nine week old female bald eagle nestlings, a symbol of national pride, were at the center of attention, during a recent outing to see how they have adapted to their unique environment.


Published November 7, 2017

Intel sponsors 2017 STEM-Robotics Day at Sacaton Middle School

Engineers from one of the world’s leading technology companies, Intel Corporation, volunteered their expertise at the 2017 STEM-Robotics Day to assist Gila River Indian Community students build and program robots.


Published October 11, 2017

Artist offers unique perspective through satirical cartoons

You may have come to recognize Wayne Narcia Sr.’s satirical cartoons over the last few years, but you may not recognize him walking down the street. Chances are if you did see him, he was thinking about his next cartoon.


Published October 10, 2017

Cooking with Velvet Button - Healthy O'otham smoothies

In this cooking segment, Velvet Button demonstrates how to make two delicious, refreshing, and healthy smoothies using traditional O'otham ingredients.


Published October 6, 2017

Cooking with Velvet Button - Terry's Hungry Man Dinner

In this GRTV cooking segment, Velvet will show you how to make her father's favorite filling meal that will give you energy to get through even the longest and toughest workdays.


Published September 25, 2017

Cooking with Velvet Button - Verde Hummus

In this GRTV cooking segment, Velvet Button makes a delicious, healthy, and vibrant white tepary bean and Poblano chili hummus that will make even your most picky family members dig in for seconds!


Published September 18, 2017

Gila River Police Department K9's Train For Service

At the Gila River Police Department, their K9 program is building a small team of four-legged companions and their handlers to go out and bust anyone who attempts to transport narcotics and catch suspects. Look into the life of a K9 dog and handler as they go through their training before heading out into the field to serve and protect the Community.


Published July 25, 2017

Despite heat wave, GRIC skaters participate in Go Skateboarding Day 2017

As broiling 118-degree temperatures blasted the surrounding desert during one of the summer’s most intense heat waves, over 30 skaters from all over the Gila River Indian Community made their way to the District 3 Skate Park, on June 21, to participate in a worldwide skateboarding holiday known as Go Skateboarding Day, hosted by Seven Layer Army Skateboards.


Published July 5, 2017

South Mountain chuckwallas relocated due to construction

In an effort to keep the local chuckwalla population out of harms way, Gila River Indian Community’s Department of Environmental Quality, the Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona Department of Game and Fish have been working to relocate as many of the lizards as they can before Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway construction begins.

Published June 29, 2017
Westend Bald Eagle outfitted with transmitter
On the morning of April 7, the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Salt River Project utility company traveled to a bald eagle nesting area to outfit a fledgling eaglet with a cellular GPS transmitter and identification leg band. Participating in the outfitting were members of the Gila River Indian Community's Department of Environmental Quality and the Community’s Nestwatch program.
Published April 21, 2017

55th Annual Mul-Chu-Tha Fair & Rodeo brings out thousands

The 55th Annual Mul-Chu-Tha Fair & Rodeo kicked-off with a spectacular parade, on the morning of March 11, with thousands of Gila River Indian Community members and guests lining both sides of Blue Bird Road. As the the parade came to an end, excited carnival-goers poured into the 55th Annual Mul-Chu-Tha’s Fair & Rodeo grounds to enjoy a host of activities including an All Indian Rodeo, Battle of the Bands, horseshoe tournament, Pow-Wow, and musical headliners Frankie J and Q of 112.

Published April 18, 2017
Pima cotton comes back to Gila River Farms after two decades
Pima cotton has been making a comeback at Gila River Farms for the first time in over two decades with around 450 acres of the crop grown and harvested in 2015 and 900 acres in 2016. Check out this video to learn more about the origins of Pima cotton!
Published April 3, 2017
Gila River Close Up teaches high school students about tribal government with hands-on lessons.  

Published March 24, 2016

Sac City Throwdown Skateboard Competition brings out talented youth of Gila River

Just one day before the main festivities of the 55th Annual Mul-Chu-Tha Fair & Rodeo began, skaters from around the Gila River Indian Community descended upon the District 3 Skate Park for the Sac City Throwdown Skateboard Competition on the evening of March 10.

Published December 27, 2016
Saddle up and take a ride at the Koli Equestrian Center
If your looking to saddle up and head out into the Sonoran Desert on horseback, the Koli Equestrian Center located just off the I-10 south of downtownPhoenix, is the right place for you! Check out their private trail rides and family packages! Plan your ride and make a reservation at https://koliequestrian.com
Published October 13, 2016 
Garden Boxes – Community Garden Project
The Community Garden Project is giving out raised garden beds to promote agriculture education and healthy eating. Call Sonny Nieto at (520) 610-2646 to claim one for your family.  

Published October 11, 2016
Youth Council Work Session
Members of the Akimel O'odham Pee Posh Youth Council got to know one another and learned what it means to be on the youth council at a weekend work session Sept. 23 – 25.

Published October 11, 2016

Loop 202 Protest at ADOT Design Meeting

A group of Loop 202 protesters held a prayer run, which ended at an ADOT project design public input meeting, Sept. 27. 


Published October 10, 2016

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Celebrates Centennial

The Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Celebrates the National Parks Service centennial with a ceremony and telling of the history of the Casa Grande Ruins, which was set aside as a reserve years before the NPS was established. 


Published September 6, 2016

Gila River Farms Dips Into the World of Olive Oil


Published August 23, 2016

Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital Undergoes Expansion



Published August 11, 2016

Non-toxic Vibrio cholerae presence confirmed in in District 5 reservoir



Published August 5, 2016

GRIC Students Make Historic Trip to Space Camp



Published July 13, 2016

26th Annual Gila River Youth Conference – 2016



Published July 11, 2016

Baithaj Harvest with District 3 O'otham Language Class

The District 3 O'tham Ñeok (Language) Class went on a baithaj harvest with the Huhugam Heritage Center on June 23.  



Published July 1, 2016

O'otham New Year Gathering 2016

The Community held an O’otham New Year Gathering with an all-night chuth at the Sacaton Fairgrounds from Saturday evening, June 18 to sunrise on Sunday, June 19.



Published June 21, 2016

Native American Recognition Day

On June 10, over 33,000 baseball fans traveled to Chase Field to attend the 18th annual Native American Recognition Day. The event, presented by Gila River Casinos, began at 5 p.m. with a diverse range of dancers, drum groups, and vocalists who performed at the entrance of the ball park in front of thousands of spectators.



Published June 16, 2016

CRC Foundation Golf Fundraiser

Calais Campbell's CRC Foundation held a golf fundraiser at Whirlwind Golf Course on May 20.


Published May 24, 2016

GRIC Administrative Professionals Day at the Wild Horse Pass Casino

Hundreds of Gila River Indian Community office support staff were honored at a Hawaiian themed 2016 Administrative Professionals Day event at the Wild Horse Pass Casino on April 28.



Published May 20, 2016

FMA Live! at Sacaton Middle School

The FMA Live! show teaches Sacaton students about physics through hip hop. 



Published May 12, 2016

Community Garden Project

Nearly 30 people planted tomatoes, chilies, corn, beans, squash, and melons on a quarter acre of land at Norman Wellington’s property in District 4. Wellington is the project manager for a new grant-funded Community Garden Project, and has donated some of his own land to the new garden.




Published April 26, 2016

Sacaton Middle School Robotics Club

Sacaton Middle School students enjoy playing with robots all-the-while learning the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 




Published March 22, 2016

Our Shu:dag – Water Rights in Motion

Today is World Water Day and the White House is hosting a Water Summit. Governor Stephen Roe Lewis is attending the water summit as the only tribal leader in attendance. The Gila River Indian Community is working toward building a sustainable water future for the Community. Here is a video produced to honor GRIC’s historic Annual Water Rights Day celebration held every December 10th. This video was produced by the Communications & Public Affairs Office.



Published February 23, 2016

Visit the District 7 Wetlands and see what DEQ is doing to replenish the riparian area 



Published February 1, 2016

Check out the new Gila River Transit free bus service in Sacaton, coming soon to districts in the West End



Published January 25, 2016 

Take a tour of the District 2 Multipurpose Building, which won two awards for architecture and design last year